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Jiangxi Rendong New Energy Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Rendong New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Ouyangxiu's hometown with beautiful scenery and outstanding people-Yongfeng County, Jiangxi Province. It is an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of new power energy products. The company was founded in 2010 and has a history of nearly 10 years. In 2018, the company invested an additional 30 million yuan in the research and development and production of new energy lithium batteries, which are widely used in solar/wind energy storage systems, communication base stations, and UPS Power supply, vehicle power battery, etc.

  • 2010


    company was founded in 2010

  • 20000

    Factory area20000m²

  • 99.99


    product qualification rate is as high as99.99%


The company is an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of new power and energy products.

Application field

Energy Storage Battery: Solar Energy Storage Systems, wind energy storage, telecommunication station, UPS, home energy storage, lighting system, fire alarm system,
emergency lighting…Power Battery: Power Tools, Garden mower, Agriculture Sprayer, Boats, Golf Carts, Submarines, Electric Forklifts, Electric Vehicles/EV; Electric Bicycles/Scooters,
Electric tricycle, Electric motorcycle, Electric Wheelchairs, Yacht, robot, AGV…



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When were lithium-ion batteries introduced?

When were lithium-ion batteries introduced?

Some people started seeing these lithium-ion batteries at their tender ages. I am sure that a significant percentage of people do not know even it was introduced. However, others have a lot of knowledge about this fantastic product. It was introduced in 1991 by Sony Corporation. It had undergone many tests, and several bodies certified that it was safe for human use.  They were designed for use on portable devices and electric vehicles. The batteries have grown popular over time, and the world cannot be comfortable without them. Akira Yoshino made a Prototype of lithium-ion batteries in 1985. Still, it was based on research done by John Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, Rachid Yazami, and Koichi Mizushima in the 1970s and 1980s. However, Sony and Asahi Kasei developed a lithium-ion battery for commercial purposes in 1991, with Yoshio Nishi being their leader. They used the intercalated lithium compound as the positive electrode's material and graphite as the negative electrode. Lithium-ion batteries became famous because of their high energy density, no memory discharge, and low self-discharge. Lithium-ion batteries vary in their chemistries, performance, cost, and safety characteristics. Despite being in existence for three decades now, the battery is still undergoing significant improvements to make it much better. The research areas targeted by experts include increasing energy density, reducing, increasing charging speed, extending lifetime, and improving safety, among other vital areas. The incredible thing is that the Nobel Prize in chemistry 2019 was given to three outstanding scientists who made significant contributions to lithium-ion batteries' development. The scientists who received the award are John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino. The thing that led to their invention was the oil crisis that the world faced in the 197os, Whittingham used titanium disulfide and lithium metal as electrodes in the first attempt, but the combination had several challenges. However, Goodenough, an engineering professor at the University of Texas, came up with another fantastic idea, which was later improved by Akira Yoshino of Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan.
Lithium battery protection panel wiring method

Lithium battery protection panel wiring method

How To Test Battery Life -Quality, Testing And Care

How To Test Battery Life -Quality, Testing And Care


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